Point Place

Driving innovation, transformation and global growth in multinational  organizations.

When optimizing and transforming your business operations, you are looking for the highest level of simplicity, agility while maintaining lowest cost of service. 

Using our broad experience in BPO as well as strategy and technology expertise, Point Place's multidisciplinary services portfolio of integrated operations based solutions helps you to sustainably achieve long-term business excellence and optimized shareholder value. 

WHY Point Place?

 1)   Our leading Point Place Strategists are:

  • Developing long-term multidisciplinary plans based on our clients' visions and goals while encompassing priority industry and technology trends.
  • Evaluating best-fit business options and optimized strategic values for our clients.
  • Creating and updating creative roadmaps to guide the development and implementation of specific solutions in the right order and at the right time

2)   Our creative Success Architects and Implementers do focus on:

  • Long-term solution design process which is adhered to by our consultants so the solution becomes an integral part of the road map rather than a single point solution.
  • Conducting post-implementation quality assurance for our clients to ensure the solution is implemented correctly.
  • Optimizing our clients’ entire infrastructures and safeguarding sufficient redundancies.
  • Providing ongoing hands-on expertise and training for the most effective implementation of all structures.

3)   Our Point Place Consultants, Researchers and Advisers: 

  • Optimize,rationalize, normalize, and process data and information that enables most efficient decision making.
  • Partner with our clients to explain markets and industry trends to assist with the right strategic fit decisions.
  • Advise our clients on industry-wide and sector-specific directions for short, mid and long-term strategy planning.
  • Provide a highly personalized and tailor-made experience with shareholders as well as top and middle management.

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