Point Place - Human Capital and Resources Advisory

We all are aware, that the business world is continuously evolving and so should your business - to stay ensure it stays ahead of the competition. Generally, in particular the employees (and other human resources) are one of the company’s main competitive advantages.

Recruiting as well as managing staff can be complex. Constantly changing employment laws, going through the recruitment process, counting the costs, keeping staff motivated, setting performance targets, engaging and retaining them. Get it wrong and you could end up in a potentially costly employment situation (e.g. court and/or damage to brand). 

Entire HR/HC Process
- from A to Z out of one hand, incl. Interim and/or Outsourcing solutions:

  • Compliance – HR legislation might be  changing and can be complex. We’ll make sure that obligations are met – protecting staff and employer
  • Recruitment – from job descriptions, to interviews and contracts, we can ensure that your procedures are fully aligned with your requirements 
  • Introduction and training – ensure new staff find their feet quickly and develop the right skills to help business succeed
  • Performance management – advice and support to help identify employee strengths and weaknesses, allowing to measure and make improvements 
  • Growth and strategy – devise a powerful and effective HR strategy to take business to the next level 
  • Incentives and rewards – engage staff and make them feel valued, increase productivity and retention rates
  • Redundancies, dismissals and disciplinaries – advice and support on challenging issues, including the creation of settlement agreements
  • Payroll – handle every aspect of payroll requirements
  • HR software – source and implement reliable software systems making managing HR responsibilities easier and more efficient
  • HR advice - flexible; remotely, on-site or outsourced; identify and implement effective solutions, proactive service delivery

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